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Are you dreaming of a cutting-edge mobile app or a website?

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How We Develop Software


The initial key to creating a successful mobile app is planning a well-thought-out business and launch strategy.

User Experience Assessment

We prioritize user experience and interface design, tailoring our work to our clients' needs. Our goal is to simplify life for all, leveraging our extensive experience

Software Development

Our development team creates secure, reliable, and customizable mobile apps

Quality Assurance & Maintenance

For ongoing app performance, we offer a range of long-term maintenance solutions

Empowering Dreams with Software at PASS GROUP

When people first have thoughts of creating their own business, they’re excited, their eyes sparkle and a special type of energy flows through them. Their ambition is painted across their face, but soon they realise that more help is needed than they had initially thought which may cause them to give up entirely. My primary motivation for founding Pass Group is to be able to connect to these individuals and help their dreams become reality. As they have ideas and visions for what they would want their website or app to be, we embark on a wonderful journey as we all learn and grow together, ideas fitting together like puzzle pieces. These views have led me to be able to work with like-minded, energetic and empathetic people I get to call my colleagues. Our customers are an important part of our team. We are always eager to hear what they have to say about their business plans and try our best to lend a helping hand.

Let's do it

Do something today! There are many people out there who have valuable ideas, but only a small group of people have the drive to act on it. We enjoy talking to creative people and teams. If you think you have an idea or would like to do something new through a website or mobile app, we are here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions in Pass Group

One of the Pass Group's strongest suits is being upfront and honest with you. It could help you bring your app concept to reality. Now is the best time to set up a free strategy session with one of our experts. Book Now!

Designing a simple application for IOS and Android costs about 5 thousand dollars. For developing more complex programs, the cost starts from $15,000. In fact, software designed for standard operating systems is relatively inexpensive. But for content-changing programs, they are costly. APPs with a certain complexity definitely need a lot of design and programming skills to develop. Depending on the exact specifications of the type of program and the time it takes to build, it costs between two and 20 thousand dollars or more.

We can say that no one's idea is stolen by any company! To make sure your information is not disclosed, please contact the company first. Then you can sign a written contract with the company. The company is continuously developing different ideas, so actually, we prefer to know the detail of your idea after doing paperwork.

To do this, you should first search for your idea in Google and App Stores. Doing so will ensure that your idea does not exist. In the second step, you should select your target audience; Because if there is no target audience, your program target will not exist either!

The most important component and perhaps the most significant is its applicability and use. You can think about the programs you use during the day. You can ask yourself what program you are continually using. The apps you regularly add to the main list are definitely good and useful. Undoubtedly, the more widely used a program is, the more popular it will be.

Definitely, a functional app can be considered as a small business. How much this small business will develop and how far it will go depends on a long-term commitment. To make money from your program and get rich, you have to choose one of the different ways to present your program to the public.

Keep in mind that a CMS site usually costs $ 3,000 or more. If you want to design an average CMS website with high e-commerce power, you will incur a cost of about $ 6,000 or more. Websites are designed according to the type of business a person has. Design costs vary; Because predefined templates are not used for website design.

The key to developing a business website is to build an e-commerce system that is right for you. In fact, our company creates a robust platform for your business by providing efficient solutions. One of the factors that make sales more profitable is designing appropriate user interfaces. Given that our company has a lot of experience in such fields trusting us will develop your business!

The time it takes to design a simple website is about 3 weeks. It usually takes 4 to 8 weeks to design a mediocre website with more e-commerce. It takes about 3 to 6 months to build an extensive website with sophisticated and integrated features. In general, this duration cannot be specified precisely. It may take a long time to gather content during the project review process. It is better to set a time limit for building a website with careful planning.

In this case, you trust the company. This trust is because the company's experience makes your website great for your business in terms of uniqueness. The company tries to present your brand in different areas of the website with stability and smart changes. In fact, to maintain the website's integrity, images, videos, and colours should be used according to the design and work label.