25 Tips for Having a Professional Website

25 Tips for Having a Professional Website
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A professional website shows itself to be professional when it is from the user’s point of view! In the website design stage, you can measure the search engine scores and various tests. Users will then determine if your website is professional or not! So to have a professional website, it is necessary to follow the points that are stated below. Do not move and stay with us until the end of this article!

What features should a professional website have? What are its specifications?

professional website features

professional website features

Here are 25 tips to have a professional website:

1. The basic design of a website is the first step in becoming a professional

One of the things to pay attention to is the basic design of the site; Because the more your site is designed according to the principles, the more practical it will be. Another point is that the basic design of the site will help SEO and its optimisation.
The first step in designing a website is to create a variety of categories. You should first determine the categories of the desired website and then select and publish the content according to these categories.

2. Do not forget the consistency in the design of your website and its elements

If you do not want the user to feel duplicated when entering your website, do so! The more consistent you are in designing your website, the easier it will be to direct the user to your website.

When users visit your website, they look for different items and content to meet their needs. By having a special design, you can have your style and stability on the website.

3. The responsive design of web pages gives the user a sense of professionalism

Your website must have the necessary compatibility with different devices and mobile phones. The reason for this is that today, phones with Android and IOS operating systems are widely used and more users enter the desired websites through these devices.

To look good on any device and also be powered from the point of view of search engines, follow this point!

4. Speed ​​up your website as much as you can

No user prefers to drive a Volkswagen Golf 2020 to the Golf 1990! The speed of the website is one of the most important factors in attracting users and also increasing the traffic to your website. Therefore, be careful in choosing the images and videos that you upload to your website; Because the higher the volume of these items, the slower your website will be.

5. Make website navigation simple and understandable

Prepare the bite for the user to eat! Not every user who enters your website is a website designer! It should be noted that users do not like to be confused when entering the website; So show your best services in the easiest ways.

To do this, it is better to sort the categories and contents of the website into a list. To do this, you can attract the user to the header and footer of your website!

6. Make your website beautiful while simple

Do not design your website in such a way that it is difficult for the user to find the main content! Website design in a simple way makes the user not spend much time finding the desired topic. This will increase your traffic.

Another advantage of a simple website design is that when users log in, they look for something appropriate for them and find the answer to their question; So the simpler the website, the more popular it is!

7. Use the links on your website properly

To make your website more functional than others, you need to use effective and appropriate menus and links for it. As long as the main menus and links are used correctly, content with large volumes will be categorised correctly.
Internal link building, on the other hand, allows your website to be properly mapped by Google crawlers; So you will get a good score from search engines.

8. Make your website compatible with different browsers

Get ready to battle any browser! Having compatibility allows the user to enter the website with any type of browser. To find out if your website has this compatibility or not, you can enter the website with different browsers. If you get the right response from any browser, you will make sure that your website is somewhat professional!

It should be noted that some CSS and HTML code have different forms in different browsers; So you have to design the website without any flaws and defects.

9. Constantly optimise content writing

Spelling mistakes in the content of the website prevent the user from viewing more! The more spelling mistakes you have on your website or its content, the less the user will trust your website!

To prevent this, it is necessary to visit your content once in a while and then review them to observe all the principles of writing in the content of the site.

10. Balance in content production is another tip to having a professional website

People who are looking for a topic on their website may be less bored reading the content. This is a reason not to use very long sentences or very long paragraphs in content.
Of course, producing textual content for a magazine is much different than producing content for a website! Always remember that the more content your website has, the more traffic you will get.

11. Do not forget the dynamics of the website

One of the basic principles of website design is its dynamics. For example, when you publish new content on your blog, it should be displayed on your home page as well. The more dynamic your website is, the better and easier it will be to develop.
On the other hand, adding new features to a website will not be easy when it loses its dynamics! In this case, your website will become a simple referral center.

12. Standardise website coding to become more professional

website coding

website coding

Website coding or its template is one of the most important issues in the professionalism of the website. The more principled the code of a website, the more easily it can be developed. It will also have fewer disadvantages.
In addition, the more principled the coding of your template, the better it will rank from Google.

13. Add the possibility of blogging on the site for users

Gain the trust of users by receiving and publishing content written by them! Note that uploading and publishing content on the website by users is possible when your website supports blogging.

So if you want to have a successful presence in the virtual world and the Internet and have a professional website, you need to make sure you are blogging.

14. Design your website to global standards

One of the things you should pay close attention to is designing a website based on global standards; Because website design will play an important role in the development of your business. To be able to meet all the site design standards on your website, you can refer to the W3C website and get a lot of information about it.

15. Website design with SEO principles is equal to its professionalism

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and means website optimisation for search engines. You can have strategic inputs from search engines when your website is designed with SEO optimisation.

It should be noted that to increase sales and increase customers in the Internet space, SEO is a very important and practical tool.

16. Web branding is one of the principles of having a professional website

Web branding

Web branding

Web branding is one of the first steps in designing a website as well as being active on the social network. Social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc. will play a very effective role in increasing the credibility of your branding.

The impact that these social networks have on your branding is much greater and more important than other types of online advertising. So do not spend your money on advertising; Promote your website with social networks.

17. Use advanced software in website design

To be able to design a professional and powerful website, you must use a wide variety of software to create web pages.

One of these is the use of Photoshop and other graphic software. Website graphics are one of the most important factors in making your website more professional! See this factor well in the next point!

18. Website graphics indicate whether your website is beautiful or not

One of the most essential things in a website is graphics. In other words, it is the website graphics that play a major role in determining whether it is beautiful or not.
Website graphics include elements, image display, colour layout, font type, and size. To have better graphics on your website, you can use various graphic software such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. This software gives proper integration to your website. In addition, they can attract the attention of the audience to you forever

19. Design your website user-friendly

When the user enters the site, he should not face a very crowded environment! When a company designs a website, it sets out a comprehensive blueprint for the design. Then, following the different principles, they will go for a professional design for you. Then your website will get high traffic. So if you want to have a professional website, use web designers.

20. Display the website well for different people and devices

Your website should be designed to be beautifully displayed for any type of communication device. Given that most users today enter the website through mobile phones, it is very important to maintain the special effects of the site.
Designs, images, texts, animations, videos, and tables on the website should be optimised for any type of user device. So keep this in mind from the beginning so you don’t get in trouble.

21. Bold important communication and information in the eyes of the audience

Address and contact number are some of the information that should be highlighted and exposed. You should put the address, email, and phone number in the best place on the website for the convenience of the customer and to prevent extra surfing.

What better place to put this information than in the footer !? So do not procrastinate and put all means of communication on all pages of the website.

22. Answer frequently asked questions once and for all

Some questions related to your activity are similar and repetitive for many users! You can collect frequently asked questions about the topics and then include them in an option with the appropriate answers.

This allows users to go to your services and content without having to worry about having an answer to each question.

23. Follow the website restrictions to have a professional website

The purpose of this statement is not to use items that are not pleasant to the user. For example, a user who enters your website may hate the music on the website! So it is better to know the view of the audience.

To improve the quality of your website, try to use less flash and music, and automatic playback of additional information such as image overload. Also, minimise the use of moving and blinking images.

24. Increase website security as much as you can

website security

website security

Suppose you do not feel safe entering a website; You will get out of it quickly, won’t you? When a security certificate is placed on a website by a design company, its security and credibility will undoubtedly increase. In this case, the user enters the website easily and with complete confidence and will not have any worries about its abuse.

On the other hand, having security items such as an SSL certificate can give you the complete trust of the audience! On the other hand, not preventing hackers from entering and destroying website information will destroy your trust! So make your website as secure as you can.

25. Respect the comments of the audience

Every user will be waiting for your response when commenting on your website. So do not ignore the comments! Take time for users ‘comments and suggestions, respond to them, and review them so you can discern the viewers’ views as well.
Do not be afraid of criticism related to your profession! Know that if your website is criticised, you are on the right track to having a more professional website.

Conclusion of the requirements for having a professional website

Having a professional website is achieved by observing many such things as mentioned. Observing these items for two weeks is not enough! You should always try to make your website more professional daily.

If you know other things about increasing the professionalism of the website, let us know in the comments section!

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