Website design cost from idea to result!

Website design cost from idea to result!
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How much does it cost to design a website?

Website design cost is one of the most important factors in web design. How much it costs to design a website is one of the questions that has occupied the minds of most audiences. As someone who wants to do business or at least have a website for a specific purpose, or you want to grow your business on the internet, you are definitely looking for a logical and obvious answer. We want to answer your question quite accurately. We will help you to spend your money properly on website design. Our company has had all the experiences of different customers due to having a lot of experience over several years and knows how to design a website and estimate its cost.
the average cost of website design for a small business typically costs around $2,000. All websites have some underlying necessities that you should pay for them like Website Domain, Website Host, SSL Certificate and etc. If a web designer helps you with this, it will cost you about $1,000 or more. The point is before you learn how to build a website, you need to know the costs involved. In the table below you can see the range of the essential prices in a range and details will be below.

Features Price
 Website Host $10 – $65 (Monthly)
 Website Domain $5 – $25 (Annually)
Website customised  theme  $500 – 3000 $
 Website template  $0 – 300 $
SSL Certificate $0 – $150

How much does it cost to build a website on average?

website building cost

website building cost

Various factors affect website design costs. We will examine some of these factors below:

  • How much does it cost to get my website up and running?

    On average, you have to pay about $ 200 to build a website. Note that in order to maintain your website, you have to pay around $ 50 per month. If you want to get help from a person as a web designer, you have to pay about $ 6,000 and also about $ 1,000 a year to maintain the website.

  • How much does my website domain cost?

    On average, you have to pay around $ 12 to $ 60 for a website domain. At com, the domain price for the first year on this website is about $ 10. Its .net price is about $ 9 and its .org price is about $ 13.
    At, the approximate cost of a .com domain for the first year is $ 12. It is $ 15 for the .net domain and $ 10 for the .org.
    The domain cost on the website for the first year is about $ 8.5 for .com, $ 9 for .org, and $ 11 for .net.
    On the website, the domain costs about $ 10 for .com, $ 9 for .net, and $ 12 for .org in the first year.

  • How much does hosting cost for my website?

    Web hosting costs around $ 35 to $ 600. Hosting on the website costs about $ 2 to $ 14 a month.
    Hosting on the website costs about $ 9 a month. Also, the cost of hosting on the website is about $ 5 per month.

  • How much does my website’s SSL certificate cost?

    An SSL certificate costs between $ 0 and $ 200. The cost of an SSL premium certificate from Comodo on is between $ 3 and $ 25 per month.
    The cost of an SSL certificate on is about $ 4 per year.
    The cost of an SSL certificate on is about $ 1 a month.

  • I want a template for my website! How much does it cost?

    A website template or template requires between $ 50 and $ 200. Stream it, for example, which is suitable for video development websites, costs $ 69. Or the BizBook template, which is suitable for directories, costs about $ 99.

  • I want to have great e-commerce! How much will it cost?

    You need to pay between $ 20,000 and $ 24,000 to get e-commerce to your website. Note that the cost of designing this system for a small business is about $ 5,000. The cost for further expansion will go up to about $ 30,000. For planning purposes, the costs start at $ 2,000 and go up to $ 70,000! The cost of entering store information also starts at $ 0 and goes up to $ 10,000

  • How Much Does It Cost To Generate Powerful Content For My Website?

    Creating website content can cost between $ zero and $ 5,000. If you want to produce more content, you need to spend more. For example, if you want to see 4 articles a week on your website, you will pay around $ 500 a month!

  • How much does it cost to plan my website?

    You have to spend between zero and 100 dollars to have programs and integrate them in the website. You can trust us for different programs on your website! Various programs will be planned for your website at the lowest cost.

  • How much will it cost to develop my website?

    Finally, for better marketing and SEO of your site, you have to pay between $ 0 and $ 90.

Three main ways to build a website:

Ways to build a Website

Ways to build a Website

  1. Build a website using WordPress
  2. Get help from a website builder
  3. Hire a professional designer to build a website

Each of these methods has its own costs. For example, if you want to get help from a web designer to produce content, he will ask you for more than $ 5,000. It is interesting to know that if you ask a website developer for help in producing content, he will do it for free!

It can be said that the cheapest way to build a website is to actually ask the website developers for help. To build a website through WordPress you have to pay for themes, plugins, hosting and even the help of a developer. Of course, it goes without saying that WordPress is a technically free and open-source platform. If you want to hire a web designer to build your website it will undoubtedly cost a lot. Doing so may have irreversible consequences. For example, after building a website with the help of a designer, you may not be satisfied with the result! In this case, because you have paid for the construction, there is no way back for you and you have incurred heavy costs.

Advantages and disadvantages of these three methods:

  1. With WordPress, you will have more flexibility. But WordPress is the most time-consuming method possible.
  2. A web designer does not cost less than $ 5,000, but he can easily take the technical hassle out of you.
  3. The cheapest and easiest way is to use a website builder. Note that this method will not have a control level like WordPress.

In fact, it is our job to guide you through the various costs and factors involved.

  • How Much Does a Website Builder Cost to Build a Website?

    The average cost of building a website by a website builder is about $ 6 to $ 50 per month. In the following, we will refer to the costs related to this type of website design in detail.

  • How much will it cost to host and internal parts of the website?

    You have to pay around $ 50 for hosting, free themes, built-in features and security. In the following, in the section of website design costs with WordPress, we will explain all the related costs!

  • How much do executive programs cost me?

    Fees range from $ 0 to $ 20 for required programs. Different programs are done by different websites to plan on your website, which we will get acquainted with within the following and the costs of each.

  • How much should I pay for the content and security of my website?

    You do not need to pay a web developer for website content. There is also no charge for website security. The web developer has provided security features as well as the necessary protection for your website.

Website builders will help you professionally and for free and you do not need to hire a coder. In fact, using a website builder is very convenient for those who are new to technical work. Also, for those who want to have a website and a personal portfolio for themselves in the shortest possible time, it is better to get help from a web developer.

Finally, the cost of building a website with the help of web developers:

Web developers will spend an average of $ 0 to $ 500 a month building a free to advanced website.

Why use paid programs instead of free ones?

  1. Be careful if users are going to visit your website, it is better to use paid programs!
  2. The ads that are displayed on the free website are very limited.
  3. A website that has free programs has limited storage space.
  4. There will be no e-commerce features on such a website. In fact, you can not sell online and provide basic customer support.

In fact, such a website is more useful for experimentation than business! In fact, those who are building a website can do so without having to pay for it.

Importance of website builders in terms of payment

website builders

website builders

You can have a really professional website when you use a high quality website builder. In order to get a good result, you must choose powerful and practical tools. If you can choose the right website builder, you are more than 80% successful. Note that for a small fee, you can benefit from a good choice. In fact, your profitability is directly related to choosing the right website builder. For example, using a high-ranking website builder like Wix is much better than using a low-ranking example like Site Builder!

Now we want to help you more and more accurately in choosing the website builder, stay with us!

  1. There is no charge for developers who have a free program. This type of builder is very suitable for those who want to build a website on a trial basis. Suitable for private bloggers, students who are building school projects, as well as for the entertainment of such a creator.
  2. For developers who have a basic plan, you have to pay an average of $ 12 a month. This is great for small businesses and bloggers. Used for people who make work samples.
  3. For builders who have e-commerce programs, you have to pay an average of $ 18 to $ 50 per month. Product sales businesses as well as online stores can use such a manufacturer.
  4. Builders who have an enterprise program are priced at around $ 500 a month. Builder teams are used for large businesses and large online stores.

How Much Does a Website Builder Cost?

Note that Weebly and Wix come with free apps. It should be noted that Squarespace has a free 14-day trial training course. If you use Weebly, you must be constantly updating to remove ads from your website as well as your domain. Weebly also allows you to sell online.

Website design costs in these three contexts:

  1. The cheapest paid plan for Wix is about $ 13 a month.
  2. The plan for Weebly is about $ 6 a month.
  3. It costs about $ 12 a month for Squarespace.

Note that Weebly is the cheapest paid plan that comes with on-site advertising. We recommend that you use the $ 12 monthly program without ads.

Take a closer look at the costs of website builders:

  • Weebly:
    This item has free designs. The cheapest ad-free plan is about $ 12. Its the cheapest e-commerce program at no cost. The most expensive design of this type of website is about $ 26, the number of programs is 4.
  • Wix:
    This website, like the previous one, has free designs. The cheapest ad-free plan is about $ 13. The cheapest e-commerce program is $ 23. The most expensive design of this type of web costs $ 500. This case has the largest number of programs, ie 8.
  • Squarespace:
    This website has only 14 days of free course design. The cheapest ad-free plan costs $ 18. The most expensive plan of this type costs $ 40. This website has 4 programs.

Website Builder Cost Summary:

The best website builders for me:

  1. Wix website builder starting at $ 13 per month
  2. Square space maker website for about $ 12 per month
  3. Weebly website builder starts earning about $ 6 per month
  • The average cost of using website builders is about $ 6 to $ 50.
  • You have to pay about $ 6 to $ 50 a month for a monthly or yearly subscription.
  • You have to pay around $ 12 a year for the domain or site name.
  • You can spend between $ 3 and $ 60 a month on optional programs.

Cost to use WordPress to build a professional website:

  1. No need to subscribe to WordPress monthly; There is no cost for it! These are related to free WordPress.
  2. For programs and plugins that are optional, if necessary, you must pay between zero and $ 100 per month. Of course, some of these programs and plugins are free and have a premium. Some of them are disposable and you have to pay an annual or monthly fee to use them again.
  3. If your WordPress website contains a variety of themes, you will have to pay between $ 30 and $ 50 in advance. This case is also possible for free and has a premium like the previous case. You only have to pay a one-time fee for top and special themes instead of regular subscriptions.
  4. Hosting is essential for a WordPress site and should cost between $ 30 and $ 50 a month. In fact, hosting is a basic and general cost. Most hosts receive the desired fee before the year. There are few hosts that accept monthly payments! In the following, we will get acquainted with the different costs of hosting.
  5. For the security of a website built with WordPress, you have to pay between $ 100 and $ 200 a year. Security is an essential thing that you should pay close attention to. A website built with WordPress is very safe and reliable. It is difficult for hackers to hack such a website!
    You need extra security measures to increase the value of your investment. Of course, if you do not have enough money for this, you can use free security plugins.
  6. Professional help from the WordPress site developer is essential. But if you need, you can pay between 80 and 180 dollars a year. In fact, not necessarily means the optional cost. This is especially true when you are building a custom website. In this case, you need a developer for professional help. In fact, it does increase the cost of building a WordPress website.

One of the most important advantages of a WordPress website is the possibility of more control over the website and its costs.

What are the uses of the WordPress website?

Wordpress uses | Website Design cost

WordPress uses | Website Design cost

  1. Those who do not have enough technical experience.
  2. For very large bloggers and websites and business websites, WordPress is very suitable.
  3. For those who need custom websites.

One of the most important things in WordPress is that it is free! There are many free themes and plugins in WordPress. So to save money, WordPress is very useful. Of course, if you need a superior theme as well as powerful Hosting, you can use it to advance your project by paying. Note that you can use free themes and plugins and do not pay for them. But keep in mind that hosting is essential to getting your WordPress website online and you have to pay for it.

What is the approximate cost of hosting for WordPress?

We want to introduce you to different types of WordPress hosting in the shortest possible time!

  1. In WordPress co-hosting you have to pay between two and 15 dollars per month. This type of hosting is great for students building projects, for people with personal portfolios for fun, for small blogs, and for low-budget novice builders.
  2. Managed WordPress hosting costs between $ 20 and $ 60 per month. This type of hosting is great for people with large portfolios, for business as well as for larger blogs.
  3. To host WordPress in e-commerce, you have to pay between $ 7 and $ 30 per month. This type of hosting is highly recommended for product sales businesses as well as online stores.

Explain the different hosting costs for WordPress:

Now we want to tell you about the cost of hosting a WordPress website by the best providers.

  1. Bluehost Provider to Get Host:
    Guaranteed money back within 30 days. The cheapest WordPress shared hosting from this provider is around $ 3. The lowest cost for hosting WordPress hosted by this provider is around $ 20. The cheapest hosting by this provider is $ 7. The total number of WordPress programs in this provider is 9.
  2. A2Hosting provider in this competition hosts:
    It always has a money back guarantee. Cheapest WordPress Hosting This provider is around $ 3 and the lowest price for managed WordPress hosting is $ 12. This provider does not host WooCommerce! It is better to know that the number of WordPress programs of this provider is 7.
  3. How much will the HostGator provider cost?
    It has a 45-day money back guarantee. The cheapest WordPress hosting from this provider is around $ 6. This provider also does not have WooCommerce hosting and managed WordPress hosting! The number of programs of this provider in WordPress is 3.

Summary of these three WordPress providers and their prioritization:

As you can see, Bluehost Provider is the best option for shared and managed WordPress hosting. If you want to incur the lowest cost and have better quality, we introduce you to the Bluehost option. A2 is actually a powerful collection of managed WordPress applications. Note that HostGator only provides WordPress shared hosting and does this very professionally.

Other top WordPress hosts:

  • Ipage host with $ 2 per month
  • Dream Host starts at $ 3 a month
  • InMotion host for $ 5 a month
  • IteSiteGround hosts starting at $ 12 a month
  • WPEngine host for $ 25 a month
Hosts Costs / month
Bluehost Starts with $ 3
A2Hosting Starts with $ 3
HostGator Starts with $ 6
Ipage Starts with $ 2
Dream Host Starts with $ 3
InMotion Starts with $ 5
IteSiteGround Starts with $ 12
WPEngine Starts with $ 25

How is security in WordPress? How much does it cost?

Free security plugins like Sucuri are available. This plugin scans and then removes threats from your site. If you want a cheap security plugin for an account, you have to pay around $ 199.99 for it.

Other security plugins:

  1. The Wordfence plugin costs about $ zero to $ 99 a year
  2. The JetPack plugin costs about $ 0 to $ 300 a year
  3. The Cloudflare plugin costs about $ 0 to $ 200 a month
  4. The IThemes plugin costs between $ 80 and $ 200 a year
  5. All in One WP plugin that is free!

Summary of the cost of WordPress websites:

  • Average cost range: It costs $ 200 before the project and between $ 11 and $ 50 per month to continue the project.
  • WordPress fee which according to previous statements is free.
  • Blue host starts at about $ 3 a month
  • A2 Starting costs about $ 3 a month
  • HostGator starts at about $ 6 a month

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