Introducing the 5 best Startup grants in Australia

Introducing the 5 best Startup grants in Australia
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Startup grants in Australia help you to start your own business easily. In addition, these are the best if you want to grow your business. Sometimes if you qualify, the Australian Government will give you grants to just grow and grow! In the continuation of this article from Pass Group articles, join us to introduce you to these 5 Startup grants websites.

What are Startup grants?

What are Startup grants

What are Startup grants

Startup grants is a very popular term, especially if you are involved in the development of a business. These budgets can help you easily cover your risks and use them to further grow your startup. You should note that 4 things are very important when reviewing grants websites:

  • Who is this company for?
  • What does the company do?
  • How much budget can you get with what conditions?
  • How and when to send the request?

Usually, the free loans offered to you are fake! It is better to read this article to the end and get the budget and grow.

Introducing these 5 Startup grants

Introducing 5 australia Startup grants

Introducing 5 australia Startup grants

1. Small Business Grants program in Melbourne

The company has come to work with the slogan “Supporting startups to achieve further success”. Melbourne has a history of helping more than 320 startups since 1996. This Startup Grant is more than $ 7 million. You can also get help from this program. You can count on $ 30,000 with the help of this program. Now if your company has a greater impact on Melbourne, you can be a better choice.

If you have employees under the age of 20, you can easily convince the company to help. If you have a small business, this Melbourne program is for you. If the job is to export abroad, you can apply for this program.

For exports and other businesses, you can get $ 10,000 from the Small Business Grants program in Melbourne. For small businesses, you can get up to $ 2,500.

Where do I apply?

You can log in to to apply. Once licensed, you can receive your budget.

2. The Export Market Development Grants

The Export Market Development Grants are for small and medium-sized companies that want to export to Australia. EMDG can provide you with free assistance, as well as cover your running costs to a great extent. EMDG will help you if you want to promote your company globally. It can cover all the costs of advertising, marketing, and holding international exhibitions. (Up to $ 15,000)

If your company earns less than $ 50 million a year, EMDG is for you. Startup Grants provided by EMDG are for companies that want to start or expand exports.

You can apply for help 8 times a year, EMDG will help you with up to half the cost. Of course, this can be up to $ 150,000 per grant.

Where do I apply?
Apply for Export Market Development Grants

Apply for Export Market Development Grants

Log in and apply through the link.

3. Research and development tax incentive

Research and development tax incentive, or R&D, as its name implies, encourages you (companies) to grow your business in Australia and be profitable for the country. The tax you pay for this company is 43.5%. If your company earns more than $ 20,000 and less than $ 20 million, you can use this help.

You can pay this tax both at the end of the year in cash and as a deduction from the bill.

If you have a startup that tries to solve industrial problems, this company is for you! Or if you want to generate new knowledge or implement various activities with new technology.

Where can I apply for R&D in Australia?

The company reviews applications online. Please note that the application for this company must be 10 months before the time of receipt of funds.

4. Entrepreneurs’ Programme

The Entrepreneurs ’Program also helps small and medium-sized businesses grow. This app is designed for Australian businesses to increase the sense of competition among businesses. This program helps incubators thrive. It also gets good services from business managers and consultants. It also helps your business launch a new product.

In addition, it can help reduce losses and increase the efficiency of your business. This means that this program does not only offer Startup Grants!

This app is suitable for Australian startups, you need products or services to be able to use these apps. You can be a company, an individual, or a team of several companies, the important thing is to want to grow, yes grow!

It is interesting to know that if you participate in this program, you can receive another grant. You can get a budget of $ 20,000 and grow your business day by day.

With the help of Startup Grants Australia in the Entrepreneurs’ Program, you can get up to half of your expenses up to $ 1 million. If you have an incubator, you can get up to half of your costs up to $ 500,000.

Where do I apply?

You can visit the link and request.

5. Landing Pads

Landing Pads help big, ready businesses. These companies provide places for companies to work together. This will help businesses grow their business outside of Australia. For example, there are Landing Pads in the following areas:

  • Shanghai
  • Berlin
  • Singapore
  • San Fransisco
  • Tel Aviv

The startup grants that the company offers are for businesses that are strong in management. These businesses also have the potential for globalization and are very different from other competing companies. The company first gives startups 90 days to work together, then selects the most powerful ones.

You can also get Austrade support by applying to Landing Pads Australia. In addition, you will be offered training, networking, and coaching courses.

Where do I apply?

apply for grants in australia

apply for grants in australia

Go to Landing-Pads and request.


Finally, use one of these programs for your business. Receiving Startup Grants can be one of the most rewarding activities in growing your business, if you do not follow this point: Look for a budget that will help you the most.

In addition, your company must meet all the requirements to be eligible. It is better to send the best request for these programs after seeing the training and receiving advice.

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