8 interesting ways to grow your business with mobile apps!

8 interesting ways to grow your business with mobile apps!
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Building mobile apps is very beneficial for small businesses. Small businesses can increase their profits in the shortest possible time with the help of mobile applications. One of the great advantages of mobile apps is that the employer can surround their company plans even during business trips. In this tutorial from PASS Group, we want to tell you how to grow your business with mobile apps.

The importance of a mobile app in growing your business

app in growing your business

app in growing your business

Many business owners may think that developing and owning an application is too expensive or an unnecessary investment! But this is not the case at all, and having a mobile application for businesses can help a lot to communicate more with customers, which results in increased sales and popularity in the digital world!

So having an app is very important in today’s world; It can be estimated that the capital spent on building and launching the application will be returned many times over. Companies that use the app to buy and sell their products or services get better results than companies that do not use the app.

Using the app will make your business more different from other competitors. Frequent updates will help you get better results depending on the customer’s interest in your products. You can also use the mobile app to save money on other advertising techniques such as newspaper ads and billboards.

With mobile apps, business owners have the opportunity to connect with their customers in real-time. Now it can be chatting, calling, advertising, or even polling, all of which create two-way communication and attract customers and their loyalty. Remember, good jobs never end the buyer-seller relationship right after the purchase.

Application and its role in digital marketing

The concept of digital marketing is shaped by the existence of a website or application. It will make your products or services more visible to the public and increase your sales. In this case, users can read product descriptions and review them online and analyze, compare and buy. So the application is part of your marketing tool.

Another advantage of a mobile application is increasing the credibility of your branding. A mobile application will bring your business to the online space and users will become part of your loyal customers by installing it. It also makes it easier to access details of your job information (such as location, contact, etc.).

One of the best advantages of using an Android or iOS app is that you can collect information more easily because the app is always on your phone. It helps you track downloads, user interactions with apps and products that users are interested in, and more.

Imagine you have an employee who is constantly doing good things to grow your business. He / She works 24 hours a day, always gives you accurate information, and increases the sales of your product or service, this is great!

Mobile application applications to grow your business

mobile apps for business growing

mobile apps for business growing

Well, now a mobile app can be your best new “employee”. You may ask why? Because for many small businesses where hiring a large number of employees can be a big risk, using the app can provide a good ROI (lower return on investment) with less risk and more potential for growth.

If you are worried about the cost of building a business application, let us know and check all the available costs in advance. Then you will see that the benefits of using a mobile application in business outweigh the cost of building it!

If you have a specific product that you want to sell before a certain period, you can send “limited time” promotional discount codes to your customers through the application. These will motivate you to buy and also provide advertising for your branding.

Introducing 8 ways that mobile applications can grow your business

In general, there are 8 top ways that a mobile app can grow your business, These are:

1. Sale in a new style

sale in a new generation

sale in a new generation

If you consider yourself an e-commerce business owner, you can change your strategy to increase your sales revenue exponentially, for example by using mobile users as a target market to sell products.

This makes e-commerce businesses have a very wide range of sales. In today’s modern world, modern businesses can have a more intimate relationship with mobile phones.

Suppose Touch of Modern received 1,000 orders worth $ 100. This kind of introduction of a mobile application made a profit of 100 thousand dollars.

So having an e-commerce platform makes a big part of your sales related to mobile devices. In fact, in addition to increasing the number of new customers, you can also retain customers. You need to be able to transfer your e-commerce from an active mobile application website. The extent of your sales scope also depends on this issue.

Not only is mobile compatibility very important, but you also need to do some research on mobile browsers. Mobile browsers may not be as profitable for you as mobile apps, because the average order of small items in mobile apps is usually higher than in mobile browsers. It can be concluded that your company will always grow steadily.

The amount of money spent by the customer through mobile applications is more compared to mobile browsers. The payment process for mobile apps is also a bit simpler. As a result, storing information with a minimum number of clicks is one of the advantages of using mobile applications.

2. Increase operational efficiency to grow your business

Having an efficient mobile app has a much greater advantage than customer retention to grow your business. There are hidden costs to any business, and these costs can increase over time. To be more efficient, you need to prevent these costs from rising, as not paying attention to this can seriously damage your business. A mobile app helps reduce costs associated with internal operations.

A real nightmare for communication is the distance between the company’s employees. Making hundreds of cases transparent through constant contact with the office can create huge inefficiencies for your business.

Effective communication with employees through a communication channel can be done easily. You need to be able to communicate with employees on an ongoing basis; Because their performance must be evaluated to lead to better results progress. A mobile application as an effective communication channel can save office operational inefficiencies.

If you only want to hire people to answer your employees’ small questions, you can not communicate effectively with your employees. You must always communicate effectively with your employees Because there will be many cases that need to be clarified and resolved in the shortest possible time. So to grow your business, do not forget the importance of having an effective communication channel.

3. Revenue from the App Store

Spotify app

Spotify app

We do not want to compare your business with Spotify. It may be unthinkable to be able to introduce your small business as the next Spotify. But to be even close to this level, you have to follow fixed and specific rules of your work principles.

Building a mobile app is a great way to build conversions into effective solutions to make your business more economical. You can subscribe to several levels to get the basic level for free.

One way to attract customers and grow your business is to offer a subscription-based business plan. For example, you can turn free trial users into regular paid customers. You can allow the customer to use the free subscription and materials for one month.

After a while, according to your needs, he/she is your regular and paid customer. Customers store their payment information for this purpose, and you as a business owner can have customers with a renewable subscription.

Adherence to these rules has resulted in Spotify having millions of active users per month. Definitely, with these users, the business will be very active and profitable. Maybe think about how to finance your program? Spotify has proven that it can do this without charging the app customers.

Users of this application can download this program for free and upgrade to premium versions based on their interests. According to the application, 27% of free trial users become regular customers, and this application can retain these customers.

4. Easy access to content

To be able to make your content available to customers very easily, you need to have the idea of ​​creating a mobile application for your business. By having a mobile application for your business, you can easily provide content services, offers, and other services of your business to customers.

For example, we mention the 5-star Marriott hotels in more than 80 countries. One of these hotels opened in 2012. The thing that made this steak house different from other London houses was its high level. A very clever strategy that taxed was to add a mobile app to customers.

They could access all kinds of menus and how to cook and order their desired steak through this application.

Providing the menu through the application made it more popular. The user can also view special daily and weekly meals in this application. He/she can also use the app’s instructional videos for cooking.

Then we looked at the user interaction with the application and the length of time to look and stay in it. It can be said that even for your business that has a physical location, it is necessary to provide a mobile application to grow your business.

Having a mobile application for your business will increase user interaction with your services. Considering that you can create the necessary creativity in your services, customer attraction will be multiplied. It does not matter if you sell something online or not; You just have to design the application according to your business.

5. Customer retention to grow your business

Customer retention to grow your business

Customer retention to grow your business

One of the most important things in growing your business is customer retention. This is what has been proven by politicians in the industry. If you can enhance the customer experience by developing a mobile app, customer retention rates will also increase. A very famous example is the Starbucks app. Starbucks has been able to retain customers and increase sales by using its mobile application.

What do you think about how to achieve this success?

Now is the time to get and save useful information about your data security and privacy. When you set up a payment gateway for a customer and the information is stored by the customer, the customer’s payment information should not be hacked.

One of the advantages of these payments is that you can place your order at any time and place without waiting for it to be delivered. For example, you can order your food before reaching the restaurant.

Some time ago, Starbucks unveiled a 30% payment on its mobile transactions. In addition, mobile pre-order features in the US have grown by 11%. All of these examples show us the importance of mobile apps in growing your business.

The weird thing about launching the Starbucks app was that customers would place a lot of orders in the app and spend more money.

For example, the custom cost recorded by a mobile phone was three times that of regular order. Customers could also customize their orders to their profile. For example, gifts are provided to these users through the application. This personalization of orders can be very beneficial to the customer.

In 2018, they were able to reach 6.1 billion in revenue. Mobile payments accounted for 30% of transactions. These figures show the importance of mobile applications in business growth.

Check customers’ infographics
customers' infographics

customers’ infographics

Having an infographic can give you a very accurate view of the growth of your business with the mobile app. You can reach a definite conclusion about the impact of mobile apps on growing your business by examining growth curves.

From the beginning, the Starbucks mobile app focused its planning on paying for orders through the app. When the Starbucks app was launched, it attracted a large audience. The company was able to make a multiplier profit in a short period.

Creating an application is a very strong way of communication between the customer and the employer. The customer can request and receive a wide variety of services. Apps are one of the most powerful tools for reaching your target audience professionally. Almost everyone in the world has a smartphone, and this market continues to grow. This is a pretty big argument as to why you should focus on mobile technology.

Are you still thinking about creating an app for your business?

People no longer want to spend their time shopping because they can shop with their mobile phones while doing their homework. So the app is a new gateway through which you can increase the company’s revenue, depending on the number of audiences, this can increase significantly.

6. Increase customer purchases to grow your business

customer purchase

customer purchase

Turning visitors into customers is a difficult marketing process. If you can spend that money and increase customer purchases and transactions, you can grow your business a lot. If you want to spend money to get a new user, this cost will be justified when the regular user uses your app.

For example, we can mention the activity of the British ASDA supermarket. The supermarket is known as the second-largest chain store in the country. It also has more than 500 branches. They provide a mobile app to grow their business to make shopping easier for their customers. This caused the number of their online orders to increase day by day.

The company also cleverly conducted a survey of its customers that could incorporate survey results into other decisions. Mobile app customers were mostly looking for barcode scanners, recipes, locators, and more.

The app has more than two million downloads and ASDA has been able to attract users. Most users of the mobile application report that it is more comfortable than the website.

After the company launched the mobile app, they realized that their food order had increased by 90%, which led to more profit and business growth.

The increasing number of online orders surprised the company’s employees, as they soon gained a significant profit from the orders. At first, they thought that online ordering could cover only 10 percent of their revenue, but that number had doubled to nearly 20 percent of their total annual revenue.

Those who placed orders through the mobile app were almost twice as many as desktop buyers. So whether you have a physical store or an online store, paying attention to launching a mobile app can make a big leap in the growth of your business.

7. Supply on demand

If you have something fantastic in mind like uber, Lyft, or postmates, you can implement it in your business with the help of mobile apps. Keep in mind that launching a whole new line of business is not necessary to apply for a mobile app.

Growing your business requires a demanding market. With the help of a mobile application, you can expand your online business on demand. Rover is one of those companies that has done this very professionally and efficiently.

Today, demand-driven markets attract a large number of customers. Note that Rover only had one website, but now it has many ways to grow its business. The company’s mobile app was initially launched in more than 11,000 cities.

Also, user registration in the company’s mobile application had very significant growth. The company adds 1000 people to its users every week due to its performance. Recommending this application by users to friends and family has expanded the company’s business in 90% of cases. The key is to provide services through a mobile app.

The company’s net income tripled between 2016 and 2017. With this income, they were able to reach new markets as well. The company’s future lies in expanding its business in Europe.

Consider that eighty million households in Europe have a pet. Undoubtedly, keeping animals has its costs, and this allows the company to receive multiplier benefits.

About $ 375 million is the gross annual reservation in this app. Rover saves only 20 percent of it, so the company earns about $ 75 million a year.

Take a closer look at the company’s activities to understand how your business grows
company's activities

company’s activities

What made the company increase its revenue in 2018 was the download and use of mobile applications. The company’s mobile apps had unique benefits for users who did not have access to the website.

Providing a suitable solution and meeting the user’s needs has increased the value of the company’s program. So identifying the needs of users and solving them will grow your business. Those who owned pets were always worried about distance. Rover was able to identify this need and use GPS in its application to address this concern.

This led to the distance being assessed by pet owners. This feature will greatly help the company to have a vision for growth in the European market. Being able to bring a new product to market in your business that can build a sense of trust in the customer will be a huge step in consolidating the foundation of the company.

Undoubtedly, your product is very valuable. As a small business, you can emulate Rover and use the company’s actions to create products. Now you can understand how providing services with the help of a mobile application can play a role in the growth of your business and more reputation.

8. Reduce costs, reduce financial losses

cost reducing

cost reducing

Apart from attracting and retaining customers, the mobile application can have a certain growth for your business. Simply put, having a strong communication channel reduces your operating costs.

Cumberland Farms is an example we should mention. This organization has been able to earn many years through the sale of gasoline and food items. The $ 16 billion revenue of this organization, along with the employment of 6,000 employees, is very interesting. It has also been able to make great strides in improving its processes.

One of the problems of this organization is to record records such as timeline orders on paper. Addressing these high records is certainly a complex and challenging process, in addition to being difficult. This reduced their processing as Cumberland farms increased in size. Why do you think this organization was in this challenge? Did he find a way out of the challenge?

The organization decided to launch an app to grow its business and get out of this situation. The created mobile application had inventory management sections, guest reports, and so on. Over time, the organization became more inclined to expand the scope of its app.

Now the organization has been able to have more than 20 different mobile platforms in its program and has moved away from paper records. This has greatly reduced the cost of their business. They were able to reduce their operating costs by $ 11,000 per year. Saving time and reducing working hours was also an advantage of launching a mobile application.

A Summary of the factors to grow your business

In today’s advanced world, digital media plays a huge role in our lives. However, many small business owners still believe that having a website or Facebook page is enough to attract and connect with their customers, but this is not true.

You will be able to grow your business with the help of a mobile application. Of course, launching a mobile app has its strategies and plans. But if you can implement this plan in your business, you will undoubtedly gain many times over in a short time. As a business owner, you need to consider not only the multiplier but also the parameters for registering your company.

Having a mobile app is a great way to grow your business. One of the most important principles for creating profitable business applications is to create a sustainable revenue stream. In other words, you have to engage users with your application as you make money, and this can be difficult.

With the mobile app, user-related metrics, such as active users who use the app every day and average attendance time, will be available. So you can immediately see the changes in your monetization strategy (for example, adding a bonus ad) and its impact on key user engagement metrics.

This information can help you optimize your ads, in-app purchases, and business. The need to use applications in small or even large businesses is so great that by reading them, you will try to think and act in any way to build and develop it.

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