How To Build MVP: become a master!

How To Build MVP: become a master!
11 May 2022 Blog 0 Comment

MVP stands for Minimum Value Product, which helps you plan and launch your app. You will need these things to build MVP of your app, so you should learn how to use them. This is the first version of your final product that has all the features you need to start selling it. It also has the chance to grow and change in the future. With this method, you lose less when you make a mistake and you move forwards very quickly.

The word MVPcomes from Minimum Value Product

Let’s say you can make a low-cost, basic version and then make changes based on what people say about it. You will save a lot of money this way. So, this article will tell you everything you need to know about the different parts of launching MVP.

What does it mean to think about the problem?

It is interesting to know that all startup businesses start by thinking about a problem. Therefore, when you decide to build MVP, you have to think about your problem and identify it. So how can you find the problem?

Go to your potential users and talk to them. Then find the problem by analyzing them and what they need and what they have now. You might think that it takes a lot of time, but you do not have to get into the story deeply. As soon as you realize where the problem is, you will discover other aspects as you go further.

How can thinking about the problem help you?

For example, it is recommended to start with yourself. What is the problem with your app? Try wearing users’ glasses and consider yourself a user. In this way, you will have a better view of the case. Once you have been able to identify the problem, you should go through the steps below to develop your MVP app.

Step-by-step Development of MVP App

Step One: do the work faster.

Try to plan in such a way that launching the app quickly becomes your priority. Do not be afraid to fail with speed. Any failure can take you one step closer to success, but if you become an extremist perfectionist with a slow action speed, you will not succeed. Try to offer it to your users in the shortest time possible and step up to improve it.

Step Two: find users.

Having users is the most important thing an app and a startup need. The sooner you launch your application, the more you attract users. Getting feedback from users is almost one of the most important steps in your work. Go to those who have a serious concern about the problem that your app solves. If you can understand the basic problem of users well, this step can be as easy as it is. Users are valuable assets who make the way for the development shorter.

Developing MVP App step by step

Step Three: analyze feedback.

Do not take feedback as a personal criticism. Any criticism and feedback can help you move forward. Have a general view of users and do not make a personal story from any opinion.

Some developers ignore users’ feedback from the initial version of the program because they are looking for the final version. Remember this is what makes an initial version turns into a final version.  Not having any feedback will cause you to fail.

Be flexible and make the most of your position and communication with users. The version you think of your app may be much better than the initial version, but feedback can even get you a better version than your hypothetical version.

Step Four: Separate the solution from the problem.

This is the last step and but the most important. You may find that the program does not solve the problem well after designing your MVP and receiving users’ feedback. In such a case, you may doubt the problem and look for another problem to solve. Note that this approach is usually not good. If you do not get good feedback, your solution is wrong, try to upgrade it.

4 Golden Tips for putting out an MVP

1.     Manage users’ feedback

Although there is a great deal of affirmation on the importance of users’ feedback, you need to manage this feedback well. You do not have to put all the wanted features of users in the app. You should understand the problem better by receiving feedback and adding new features in proportion based on your own set of mind.

2.     Keeping the start simple

Keeping things simple will make your schedule much easier. It indeed takes a long time in general, but in a startup, MVP should launch in less than 3 months. This speed of operation can be achieved when you keep the original version simple. Go for a problem that can easily display your overall idea.

3.     Focus function

Keep your MVP limited. The bigger this scope, the more complexity for yourself. You may have many ideas and creativities to show but consider the original goal in delivering the original version and limit your performance range in MVP. Your MVP doesn’t have to be the most complete version.

4.     Proper business

MVP is not suitable for all industries. You have to pay attention to what business your business is and what idea you are going to execute through MVP. It may not be a good solution for you. When dealing with customer data or financial transactions, the issue becomes more sensitive.

Golden Tipsfor launching MVP

This problem is especially for industries that need to be coordinated with supervisory organisations. However, if you need an environment to communicate with your users, you can examine your regulatory ideas.

How should the launch of MVP be?

In the early stages, when it comes to launching, you should not look for magnificent celebrations. At this point, you need to find only several users for your app and make it better with their feedback. Postponeopening is a big celebration for your start-ups to the next stages.

How is it possible to design MVPquickly?

1.     Set your timing.

Specify a timeframe for yourself where you have to achieve your goals. During this time, consult with your development team and choose the necessary features. Then focus on other secondary features.

2.     Write your desired features

From the outset, write down all the features you are looking for so that you do not distract from the main path over time. Add supplements to this feature, but do not change them constantly on the opinion of others. Writing them will make them more stable.

3.     Reduce the features to a minimum.

At this point, you should remove the extra features depending on the time set and the list you made in the second step. If you do not remove things that are not necessary, you cannot reach your goals within the specified interval. Cut the extra features as much as possible. Even if you do not find any extra features, prioritize them and remove the low priorities.

Concluding remark

MVP indeed makes the first encounter of your ideas and users possible, but you should not waste a lot of time on it. This is supposed to be a starting point for you, not making you stand in the same spot. Upgrade your MVP and add the necessary features to get users’ attention.

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