The 3 most important methods for knowing the mobile app’s target audience

The 3 most important methods for knowing the mobile app’s target audience
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Knowing the target audience is always very important for a mobile application. You can engage your audience with a variety of ads and marketing methods, but knowing them can go a long way in increasing your app performance. The competition between apps on Google Play and iOS Market is huge, so knowing the target audience can increase the profitability of your activities, so you will win the competition. In the continuation of this article, we want to tell you the real ways to better understand the target audience and achieve bigger goals. So stay with us until the end of this article.

The great importance of Knowing the target audience

Knowing the target audience

Knowing the target audience

Businesses around the world need to sell their products. Sales of products after valuation will be done by knowing the target audience. Knowing the target audience for a mobile app is best done from the beginning of marketing, then plans and designs are formed to attract them.

First, you can produce and evaluate your product on a small scale. Then you need to quickly identify your target audience and collect various data. Try to evaluate all this data so that you do not face big losses in the future. You can also categorize your audience into different sections, this will allow you to do proper marketing according to the value of the product and the opinion of the audience.

Finding the target audience for the mobile app

audience for the mobile app

audience for the mobile app

Finding a target audience for a mobile app is hard, especially if you want to get results quickly, your contacts will slip out of your hands like a fish! Yes, these fish (target audiences) need to understand the value of your product, understand it, and need it to buy from you. Here are some great ways to find these fish:

1. First, get to know your product

Knowing the product is one of the most basic things you can do to attract the target audience of your mobile app. In general, you need to have a lot more information about your product to be able to convince the audience that you will be useful to him/her. This is very important because your audience will be getting value from your product from the beginning and you can create that value from the beginning.

You need to know what the competitive value (advantage) of your product is, what the product returns after the purchase by the audience, and why the user should install your application. You have to answer these questions first and have good planning.

Try to plan; It is never too late to start, it is better to market your product with all your might so that you can incline your audience towards it. You should also consider competitors, which we will explain below.

2. Analyze competitors with a special way to identify target audiences

Analyzing competitors to identify target audiences can be very helpful. In this analysis, you can both identify competitors and identify their strengths and weaknesses. You can also compare your product with theirs to get good results.

By analyzing competitors, you can find out what customers are interested in. This helps you release your product according to what the target audience of the app needs.

3. Identify the target audience according to various factors

Your target audience needs to be categorized so that you can keep them all satisfied. In these categories, it should be considered which groups you want to meet with what interests and opinions.

In addition, you need to know them in terms of the audience person, place, gender, age, language, education, job status, financial independence, personality traits, behavior, and values to buy the product. In the following, we will explain each of these cases in full.

Introduce the factors of recognizing the target audience

Recognizing the audience factors

Recognizing the audience factors

The target contacts of your mobile application are categorized according to various items. For example, their income, as well as their financial independence, determine whether the audience is coming to your product. Also, the job that an audience has should be able to meet their need to buy your product (of course without worry!).

The device that the contact uses to receive your application is also important. He has an iPhone audience and iOS is lovely for him/her, so you have to provide the right app for that phone. If it is an Android device, the story is the same!

The location where you want to present your app is very important. Try to know the city, state, region, and country of interest first, and then proceed to present your product.

The age range of the target audience of your application should be determined, try to determine the design and model of the product and its advantageous features according to the age of the contacts.

People all over the world have different genders, and men and women have different interests and tastes. You need to be able to identify each of these target audiences well and present your product to them.

Language, education, interests, and personality traits of the target audience

Your target audience language can be very helpful in assessing the value of a product. Your product may be available worldwide, so the best language should be chosen for it or there should be different languages in it. In general, your goal should be to make the product fully accessible to your audience so that they can use it easily.

The education of your app users determines how you can communicate with them. It is best to determine what their average daily study rate is, as well as their degree and educational experience.

You should know the users of your application completely in terms of interests. This allows you to offer this product to users who want to take full advantage of it. This will make you more effective in advertising.

The personality traits of your audience help present the product, knowing the values of the audience can help have a competitive application too! You can sometimes discount your product to make it a better option than luxury and expensive products on the market.

The audience behavioral process in dealing with your product is exactly the final shot of this shooting test! The user sees your product, spends time on it, and ultimately pays for it. All of this shows the audience’s attitude towards the product. Determining the best place and time to present a product is achieved by examining the audience’s behavior.

Creating an audience persona with the simplest method

Creating a persona for the target audience is one of the most important things you can do to compete better with your competitors. This allows you to manage your expenses and get all the team to succeed.

With this, you can determine the purpose of your application, and then act according to the tastes of the audience. It is better to start from the geographical location and put yourself in the place of the user. After that, you should have a superficial and in-depth analysis from the audience’s point of view. Then review the above tips again for the best results.

It’s time to advertise the product (application)!

product advertising

product advertising

After reviewing and completing all the steps and tips above, you should go to the ads. At this point, you need to create an ad that is compatible with all devices and with all parts of the world. It is better to offer data-based approaches and you can also present the results as a surprise.

We recommend creating different campaigns. In these campaigns, you should try to know the audience better and do better to create value. Data collection will be done by receiving feedback from the audience, try to be friends with your audience to tell you everything they have in mind!

Plan your ad from the beginning, determine in what space you want to advertise, and fully categorize people’s interests in a database.

People like to give you different suggestions, do not stop them! Design feedback forms and ask them to fill out these forms carefully. Then you can go to fix the defects of your product.

3 Best methods to reach the target audience

There are several methods for determining the target audience for an application. We want you to know all the audiences well so you can categorize them all. Then follow the steps below carefully:

1. Strengthen marketing and advertising capabilities

One of the best ways to reach your target audience is to build a strong marketing and advertising network. You can submit your ads imperceptibly in this network! Take Instagram or Facebook, for example. You can advertise in these programs according to the position, values ​​, and interests of the audience.

This allows users to see you exactly where they need to be. You can determine how old your users are, how they behave, and how they interact with you.

2. Determine a powerful platform for analyzing the target audience

Try to have a strong platform for data analysis. Once you know the audience, you need to analyze them, because the data is ready and you need to categorize that data quickly. The value of your product relative to competitors’ products is determined by which you can categorize customer usage data.

For example, suppose your application reaches the target audience. This person wants to install the app, spend time, buy, and use all of your services. The analysis of these behaviors shows whether your product is designed according to this person’s style or not. In general, data analysis determines whether your application is exactly useful for continuing your business.

You can use different programs to re-target the audience! Adjust’s Audience Builder is a program where you can get a customized list of all your clients and analyze it. You can also help your app grow further by setting new goals.

3. Perform A / B test to save time and money

This test is the last step in recognizing and attracting contacts to the application. Using this test, you can create different networks, analyze customers in each of them and get the best result. To perform the A / B test, follow these steps:

  1. Making a hypothesis:
    This will make you aware of customer behavior analysis.
  2. Audience segmentation:
    Create two groups to do this, with people in each group having equal behaviors and personality traits. Then you can do the best marketing.
  3. Findings analysis:
    After performing the previous two steps, you need to analyze the data to get the right result.
  4. Make the necessary changes:
    In marketing, product development, and advertising, you can make the necessary changes.
  5. Hypothesis matching and process repetition:
    Now you have new information put that information together and apply new analysis and behaviors.


In this article, we examined the ways to recognize and reach the target audience. These reviews and analyzes must be accompanied by marketing and advertising to get the best results. It is recommended that every 3 months, you rebuild all your analyzes and calculate the costs. Set a 5-year interval for your app so you can compete with competitors and be the best.

In the comments section, tell us your ideas for attracting more audiences. We present all these ideas so that all readers of this article can use them.

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